DCI Invests In Customer Experience Initiatives To Enhance Its World Class Support
SYOSSET, NY-—DCI Design Communications LLC (“DCI”), an industry
leader in data, voice and unified communications technologies, has undertaken a number of
initiatives to re-emphasize its world class commitment for customer support.
DCI has spent the last several months developing and then implementing initiatives to
deliver the higher levels of customer experience, particularly in light of the Company’s
rapid growth and recent acquisition of the EthoStream assets. DCI modeled those
initiatives around similar guest experience efforts in the hospitality industry such as
anticipating needs, tailored experiences and timely issue resolution. DCI’s efforts, now in
place, include investments in new technologies for pro-active monitoring, new process
efforts to use analytics to pro-actively identify service issues and creation of a number of
customer survey tools to measure the overall customer experience.
"Our reputation is built on outstanding engineering, unparalleled product knowledge and a
high impact delivery team that is incredibly responsive to customers," said Charbel Zreik,
CEO of DCI. "As DCI has grown, we have invested in technology and processes to ensure
that those pillars of what makes DCI great will continue to be our differentiators in the
future. I am very aware of technology providers that have seen their customer experience
lag as their companies have grown. Our growth at DCI will be because customers continue
to see our commitment to world class service.”
Vin Zachariah, COO of DCI added “Our team is dedicated to serving our customers and we
have spent the past several months developing higher level tools and processes to ensure
that the experience remains great. It’s important to our culture that we remain committed
to high level customer experience and we’re looking forward to providing that experience
to more and more customers.”
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